gmc crackerbox with flatbed

wheels done. ignore the number of screws on the trailers wheel, i've already changed it to 8 screws, never saw a rim with 7 screws. 10 would be better, but i have already reached the polylimit for the wheels



well, i was busy the last days, spent most of my freetime to my moped.

i'm still learning all this uv-, bump- and normalmapping stuff. is started unwrapping the truck this morning, and, to be honest, unwrapping isn't fun to me ><

i also thought about making a hipoly version to bake some normal maps, its not that difficult with blender. well, just see what i get done the next days...

i attached my actual uv-layout, chassis-frame, doors and interior are still missing


The model is looking really nice ! The uvw isn't bad either. There seems to be two long lines running along the middle but I guess those are the parts you didn't unwrap.
Looking forward to seeing more !

i have re-unwrapped the whole cabin and some parts of the chassis, mirrors and some other bits are still missing. i still have some place for optimizing the dimensions of some uvw's. it should be easier now to texture it in a proper way, compared to the crap i uploaded 2 days ago:uhh:


:) thanks

my motivation during the last days was very close to zero. this morning i reminded that there are only 2 days to finish =/. so i have to hurry up a bit

high poly for the truck is done, excepting the fifth wheel. i'll bake normals this evening, trailer tomorrow, texturing on thursday.


first steps on normal mapping and baking. i think its the most ugly trashcan ever seen, but baking worked quite fine. the small lines are caused by unproper unwrapping, (i've just hit the "smart project" button to unwrap it, no additional uv-editing :/ )