[Good old 80's] 1988 GMC RTS

Yeah, finally I started my entry for the 80s contest here and the busmodeling contest at gta-worldmods.de. Is going to be midpoly, not more than 100k polies, because I want to convert it to sa later. Dunno if its a 88, but they all looked more or less the same.:grin:

Blueprints are okay, but not the best ones. No topview.

Tell me what you think about it. If you can find any reference pictures for the RTS, pls send them to me.

Added some details and the Front today.

And Ive got a damn bump that I cant fix:?:

The blueprints still suck and its hard to model details of the bus without large pictures. If you have a good ressource for pictures of this bus, pls post it here.;)

Just noticed that the frontbumper isnt round enought. Have to fix this. Or is it?

Maybe its better now:

Or its just the perspective.
very nice looking man, soem areas such as wheel arches could use more polies so they look more round, because you can see the different polygon edges round it.


Traffic Car Connoisseur
looking good. all except for that chamfer issue, which we've already discussed before. Though for a contest, you should fix that issue anyway, then just do a bit of target welding when you're ready to port it to a game.


Traffic Car Connoisseur
anywhere along the creases, basically, as noted by my draw-over, where the edges of the creases are either too light or too dark.

It could be a very simple solution, but it depends on how your mesh is being made, and how you want the end product to look