[Good old 80's] 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera SL


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Well, I haven't been able to work on this as much as I'd like, mostly because I've been trying to "perfect" a standards system for Motor City vehicles... this vehicle is just part of those standards testing, for the most part.

Anyway, I'm starting out using splines as guides so that I can have instant placement feedback, and can determine if something is accurate or not on the fly. Hopefully the 4 to 8 hours I'll have spent on this cage will be worth it.

My target face count is about 100,000 triangles. About a mix between Gran Turismo 5 and Grand Theft Auto 4.

So here it is! :grin:


it is looking very good. I'm always working with spline cages, as it lowers the times you have to mess with the mesh because of errors in the print. With a spline cage you have a 100% fit so there for it's easier to make the mesh look good. I've done it on the camaro and the murcielago and they took both for about 8/10 hours to complete. But i can tell you it's worth it;) the modelling goes faster, easier and is more fun as you don't have the frustrating prints.

good luck and the spline cagei s looking really good!
I think its the best choice of car in this contest. My taste.:grin: Good luck in modeling it, I cant wait to see the first pics of it.

Btw I think GTA4 cars are faaaaar away from 100k polies.;)


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well, I said a cross between GT5 and GTA4... I was thinking GTA4 vehicles would be like 35,000 per car, and GT5 vehicles would be like, 200,000 triangles per car. Anyway, I'll update this thread in around an hour or so with the rear view of the car. I'm having to convert the rear lights from '92 style to '89 style. But they share the same dimensions, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Okay then... I think this does it for the spline cage. The back bumper is fairly simple, so most likely won't need that guided. So here it is now. The spline cage itself is 558,696 triangles, in case anyone was curious. 8o (course, I'm using 12-sided tubing, with non-optimized 6-step interpolation)

So ... here's the back side of the car, plus new additions to the front:

I'm thinking this was a total of about 8 hours of work. So I'm probably going to hold off creating the geometry for a wee bit lol


Looks really good. these cars are what everyone drove once, but are now harder to find out there. my stepmother has an old Buick Century same style she shipped to Belize, car still drives great! a friend had an 84 Pontiac 6000 se that was a nice car too. I always have been particular to sedans. I'm Currently looking for an 81 to 82 Ford Granada to work on. will be easy to get mechanicals for with all those mustang parts.....


As usual you're doing great.

Everytime I read a post from you about MotorCity, I'm thinking to start coding such a project on my own. Very inspirating work, thanks for that.


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The polycount of the spline cage would allready kill my PC =D

Looking really good...sofar... I mean the spline looks good!
Will be interesting to see how you´ll start doing the vehicle itself.


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got a bit of an update... 4824 faces here.... the bumper and the side body were temporary parts, which I built quickly using splines earlier. Not final parts, just for show, etc. Just look at the hood, headlight glass, and grille :p
looks really nice. i use to see these everywhere up until a couple years ago (i know the 80s are over but people hang on to these cars). the spline cage looks accurate to me.

Yeah it looks pretty good.
If you keep that level of detail it will be incredible!

Am I right that these splines are only for making modeling easier like 3d blueprints or do you make parts of these splines...I'm still learning and only used splines in Z-Modeler to make tyres or other round contoured things but never did a fender or a hood out of it.


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Yeah, the splines only serve as a 3d blueprint. Using them to actually create surfaces with is usually a pretty sketchy process, and can leave you with quite messy results unless you're willing to put painstaking efforts into the model, and even with painstaking efforts, it can still mess up quite awfully.

Anyway, here's a bit of update for you all

It's currently at 6,604 faces (triangles)



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Just FYI, since I've seen several compliment the 'textures' ... the texturing is just temporary. Nothing more than the blueprints planar mapped onto the vehicle. Hopefully, the vehicle exterior won't even need textures other than the occasional bump map or normals map. The interior, engine bay, and chassis of course will use full texturing.

I'm not posting updates on this as fast as planned just because we're still doing christmas stuff over here. Starting them 12 days starting the 24th, not the 13th... lol