[Good Old 80's] Alfa Romeo 33


Looks like a good start.

You have several bumps at the top of rear fender, below the rear pillar and the rearwing.

I think there is another one on front bumper, at the height of the air intake, just outside of it.

Keep it up !
A new update. The interior is not even close to finish, this is only the starting point. Also the headlight and taillight aren't finished cause i need to find better textures for it. If someone could help me i'll ow him :D.


Yeap, they are small but the i just started work in the interior. also the seats are too narrow and i also have many other mistakes.


The exterior looks good. You need to work more on interior, so I'll keep my comments on it for later.

About the rendering, you should stick to clay rendering as long as the exterior modeling job is not completely done. Paint shader looks good, but it has the drawback of hiding all the little bumps or pinches that any model can suffer of.

Keep us updated !
This car is getting more and more closer to being finished. i have an updated interior and front headlights. the interior isn't yet textured, because it's still a wip i need to model the dashboard, the center console and if i have time some tiny details :D . Let me know what u think about it.



Same comments as above : exterior looks OK, but I would really appreciate to see some clay render.

I'm looking forward to see some interior progress. Keep us updated.
I would make it if i knew how that model looks like :D. if u can "sponsor" me with some reference pictures, i'll be pleased;). ok i'll make a clay render also :D . The interior, won't be very detailed because i will mainly render the outside of it.


A clay render is just the result of a given lighting and a given shader applied on your whole model.

For lighting, any global illumination from a sky dome will do the job. You can add a sun if you want to.

For material, use something close to the default shader : neutral color, like grey, almost no specular reflection.

The purpose of such a render is to clearly show the bumps and pinches your model can have. A car paint with reflections hides most of them.


Thanks for the renders. They are really what I expected.

I've seen only one bump at the corner of front bumper, on the most proeminent part. To be exact, just behind that corner.

Otherwise it's a really nice work. Keep it up that way with interior and the rest of exterior details, if any.
I tried to render the car on a image. It isn't looking as good as i would like it to look :(. if someone could help me with some great rendering tutorials for v-ray please because i couldn't find any good enough :(.



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couple things of note that may be bringing your render down.

First off, the sky is virtually cloudless, with only a couple faint clouds in the far distance. There should be a nice, sharp shadow due to the sun being exposed, but instead, it looks like the entire sky is covered in a uniform blanket of clouds, due to the extremely soft shadow happening.

When creating the light to be the source of the shadow, make sure you have it positioned somewhere that makes sense for the scene. The background is somewhat hard to tell where the sun is other than "behind the camera somewhere"

The next thing is the windows. They need reflection of some sort, as right now they're mostly doing nothing other than darkening up the areas you see behind them.

The headlight textures don't seem quite right. They're too dark, or don't have the proper contrast/reflections ... or something.

Fix those issues and I think the render will come out looking much better.


You need to fix the gap below headlight, between the thin body part and the black plastic part.

You should spend some time to model the headlights, because a simple texture like it's right now is too low quality to match the rest of your model.

Otherwise it looks really good. Keep it up that way !
The gap has been fixed, and the headlights... they aren't just a simple texture but i think i should make it more transparent because the headlight is modeled inside...


I played a little with the settings and this is the result, i hope it's better.