Good old 80's


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Well, I have decided to change my car to a 1986 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth...
I figured the Skyline was a bit too... numerous, so I went with something hardly anyone models :p
I would like to enter for with the Second Gen Mazda RX7 built from 86-92

Some how this looks a lot better then the one in my driveway

NOTE: This is my first post and first complete auto model so be gentle :)


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Im just going to say this straight out wideout thinking...

Please everyone that is in the contest, update your threads with posts so everyone knows if you still in the contest or not, its just one month left and I want to see progress lol, atm it sems like it just Sin,MMM,Venom, Scheafft and me that still in the contest, we need your updates ppl.
I got an excuse :grin:

I've been very busy with last two weeks but now I got holidays on next week so I'm able to work with my Volvo more. I've modelled it bit but changes are so small that I don't want to update my topic yet.

Now lets hear what are others excuses :grin:
Bah couldn't finish my car by the timelimit, maybe I could've finished it by this weekend. Oh well I hope others has finished their models :(