Happy birthday Tom!

Tom120934 just hit the 30's so big congratulations for him!

You've been great help at SMCars, always willing to help us with the problems and our users.

Enjoy your day, don't eat too much cake! ;)
Happy B-day Tom ;) Hope you enjoy the cake but leave some for us also

btw I always wondered how you've got that nick?
My guess: You've wrote Tom but it was too short so you've hit the keyboard :D


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Happy Birthday ! :D Wish you all the best, in the years to come in your life.. and some nice models and you know the classic stuff :)

H.B-Day !!!

Cheers !



Yes that's been a nice day, my wife invited friends & parents to join for a good meal : BBQ, red wine, champaign... That's been an exhausting day, but I'm still alive !

For those who wonder, here's the story of tom120934 :

- I used to use Troye on the internet as my nickname, and one day I needed to change...
- My real name is Thomas Baron, but everyone call me Tom, so I thought of tom to register to a new place someday.
- tom was busy, so I tried tom1, tom12, tom123, but already took...
- I didn't want to get to tom123456789... so I started to type backward after tom12 : 0, 9, 8... I came up with tom1209. Already took, once again
- So I stopped backward and came up with tom120934 (3, 4 after 1, 2)

So it's not completely a random choice and NO, I wasn't born on 12 september '34 (dates in France are read day-month-year, not month-day-year)

End of story, I hope it didn't give any headache to anyone ;) Thanks again for your thoughts folks ! Now get back to modeling ! We have a contest running !!!


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Best wishes to Tom from me,too. Sorry a bit late, but I´ve been running in big troubles with my PC the last 14 days. Hope it all works now again...

Always nice to have birtday at a weekend and to spend it with your family and friends. 30 years, but still a young man !

Tilman (52)


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I dig up an 1 year old thread - nevertheless happy birthday to our admin tom120934 and stay healthy. We need you in the future, too !

Best wishes from Tilman/Germany