HDRI Package #002



@manoffaith: Hi, on facebook you'll find other links! :)

@nosalis: Thanks, this is unfortunately not ment as beeing used for games or sky replacement, sorry. Maybe there will be one in the future you can use for sky only :D



I really like this pack.
But i can't render my car real.
What should i do?
I use maya and vray.
Please put small tut for render with this hdri.
Thanks a lot.
Great work guys, I don't have momentally hard disk here with me and all my cars are on him, when I get it back I'll also render some pics with this great HDRI ;)


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exidge: what I mean it that if you use it only for sky, then you can have rest of your environment cg and it will work beautifully .. but sure.. I understanda that HDR + backplates are meant to be used together ...

I usually do renders of cars on racetrack and I'm looking for cool skyies/environments .. looks like I will have to try shoot some myself :)


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Great work guys! There will be more HDRIs available soon :)
Could it be possible to have one in a racetrack? Maybe a couple or three HDRi in insteresting spots like a curve or the goal line???? :D

It's just a thought :D

Cheers and thanks for the pack :thumbsup: