HDRI Package #002

Hey Dave,

nice render although it's a little too dark :) and the car is too big. On Prykies' image it's getting in the right direction (light wise) - but well maybe you wanted it like that. Anyway the backplates weren't post processed and focused on the HDRI position. The files are getting too big in raw, so we will use smaller jpeg for export. You should take care when editing the backplates in 8bit, the sky for example has lost a lot of white balance. You can move the car more back in order to match the focus^^

Hope to see more renders!!


Ps.: Duron did these renders quickly:
Great!!! Can we have a tutorial with your HDRIs PLZ
Hello there,
First of thanks for sharing these.
Second, I downloaded the hdr_002.rar, but there are no backplate; just the HDRIs.
Am I missing something ?

Appreciate your help.


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Hello guys, this is my first post on SMCARS! Thanks for the great HDRI and Backplate Exidge! This is my Lambo concept (work in progress)


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