HDRI Package #003

Lotus Elite Mk14

It has long joked that Lotus was an acronym for "Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious" :grin:
As a former owner of classic Lotus, I think it was partly true, but when the cars were drivable,
driving pleasure was there for you and that is why I remain a fan of this brand.

The car is 3ds modeled, the babe poser modeled, smoke is photoshoped and thanks to SMC team for background and HDRI.




hey guys...heres another render from me...this is the 2013 srt viper...i implemented some of the advice given based on my previous render (thanks exige and killerofdoom for the tips)...i framed one tighter on the car...any feedback is appreciated again...the model is from 3d02...cheers


thanks again for the feedback...yeah i seem to have an obsession with heavy motion blur...i will dial it down next render...the paint was a challenge for this one as i was trying to match this sort of, matte/dull aluminum look they put on the concept car...maybe a more traditional paint material would suffice