HDRI Package #003


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Even better than the last one. Nitpicking incoming: the BMW logo seems a bit overexposed , same with the M5 logo. Very professional render.


Hi toad32! You did great work with the car and render. Did you notice that your tires are sunk too much into the asphalt? Would love to see more renders!



aka chosenlv

Here is my latest finished project - Ford Model A Coupe converted into Roadster. I called it "Saltster".

Software I use:

modeling - Autodesk 3ds max
rendering - Luxology KeyShot
postwork - Adobe Photoshop

Cheers, Artur B.

By the way, great work guys, using these awesome backplates. Thnx a lot SMCars!


G'day All,

Been visiting the site for a while now and thought it was about time I actually posted something. Every time I'm here the quality of work you guys and girls are producing just keeps getting better and better. Seriously impressed! Thanks to Exidge too for putting up these fantastic plates and Environment map and. I'm an Automotive Visualisation Designer from Melbourne, Australia and the model was purchased online from Squir. I've modelled a few things like grills and lamps sections to make it a bit more product correct.

Cheers and keep those awesome renders coming!!!