HDRI Package #003

Here it goes, first post.

It's been awhile since I did a car render but
pretty much inspired from all beautiful renderings
you peoples are putting here I fired my old
rusty engines and here I come.
Great stuff everyone, that Avendator from Troy
is just crazy.
This one is another model from Squir,
Aston Martin Rapide on a country road.


download link

awesome set of backplates with the hdri...i was too excited to wait until next weekend to do a render that i decided to stay up tonight and get something together...my wife wasnt too happy...hopefully you guys are...:p
i cant c the download link for hdr here
can any1 give me download link for hdr please ?


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Nice renders collection we've got here! amazing what a good HDRI can do.

Here's my take on this one, going for a more cinematographic look and playing around with FumeFX too.