HDRI Package #004


Thanks guys!

Hi allrob, the link is visible to all users who don't use Internet Explorer :)

/edit: Somehow IE doesn't render the output correctly. It adds borders to Iframes. Also unregistred users see a cropped 360° and thumbs.



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HDRIs are coming quickly! :) What a shame my 3ds Max decided not to work... Instead of rendering I now have to reinstall it now. :|

EDIT: Great news. It has decided to work. :D I have no idea what's happening, yesterday it crashed the moment I selected the move tool. The whole day I couldn't use it. Now it works.


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I'm so glad you guys have taken proper hdri's designed for vehicles. Most of the hdri's out on the inteweb are taken from too high an angle but these are great - You've realised ur target market - Respect!