HDRI Package #004


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Hi Guys,

thanks so much for the great HDRI and backplates!
I like the location and atmosphere a lot.
And phantastic works you guys post here, I love the cobra pics.

It got me to revive my Z4 M Coupe I made a few years back and changing all the shaders from MR to Vray.Hope you like it.

Also I´m currently starting to work on my own HDRI panoramas (not as simple as I thought ;).
A soon as there is something nice to work with I´ll post it here.

Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany


so... i decided to give hdri a try.... never really knew how to use it... but after seeing a couple of examples i came out with a way of making it work... lol... and to making things worse i had chosen the weirdest angled backplate on the pack :grin:

BTW: using Mental Ray over here...


Thanks! yes the common sky usually is boring...i was looking for something to accord with the car mood and the bluish light :) glad u like the idea!