High Rollers Contest: *1995 Saturn SL1*


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Oh yeah. DrFeelgood is scurred naow.

Sorry the WIP isn't any more ... progressed ... but I just wanted to put something here, since I've made the final decision about my monster ride :uhh:

I will have progress to show! Honest! :cyclop::pacman::picaso:


the ironic part is this is usually the car that would be crushed! I hope you get creative with a paint-job on it emphasizing that fact.


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trust me IK, I've got plenty of tricks up mah sleeve for this beast of a car! :D

Here's my baby after about an hour and a half of work. I'm using a technique that's kinda similar to IK's own technique, but I'm being a lot more rough with it, trying to focus mostly on speed and accuracy of the shape flow.

So far I'm very pleased with the shape... the only thing though, is that this will require a lot of fine-tuning to smooth out the kinks as I'm sure you'll notice, but the biggest thing is that all the surfaces flow properly with eachother, and that the prints and geometry line up.

But yes, manual edits are absolutely mandatory with the way I'm doing it. It's also putting in a lot more geometry than I really need or want. The two halves of the car together so far are 2,728 faces. That'll probably be trimmed down to about 1,500 when I do the manual tweaks, if I were to get a count of just this segment

ANYWAY... here's the first progress shot! Enjoy!:D

*oh one more thing*

it should be noted that I'm aware the edge around the headlights should be as sharp as it is near the hood on the outsides.... ... but I just haven't gotten around to tweaking those parts yet.
a mixture of my method hmm. Should be intersting. The car (cant believe I'm saying this about a early saturn) .. *cough* looks great. I know this car very well, but anyhow should be intersting, look forward to your undercarriage chassis.


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...(cant believe I'm saying this about an early saturn) .. *cough* looks great. I know this car very well, but anyhow should be intersting, look forward to your undercarriage chassis.


Saturn fan at heart? xD:cyclop:

The late 90's saturns are okay, but I like the boxier version better for some reason XD


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woohoo! more progress! :D:uhh:

had to redo the bumper some, because I was too lazy to import schaefft's blueprints to the other computer, but then noticed by grilles didn't look quite right... so that wasted a bit of time. Probably could've been done with the wheel arch and started on the doors otherwise

GO 1 SERIES! ... sl1, sw1, sc1 .... they're all so good! :strange:



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hah... those "blueprint texture" shots are just so others can kinda see the actual shape a bit better, as I haven't (and likely won't) model the bodywork seams in (that's what normal maps are for)

hopefully, if I get time tomorrow, I'll have the door area of the side of the car done at least up to the back pillar


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Here's another little update. got the doors and started on the side windows. any chunks missing out of the model will come once I've got the turbosmooth basemeshes built out entirely. Then comes the refining process.

I know all of you can't wait to see this thing lifted up on wheels as tall as they are! :uhh:

myself included.

*goes insane waiting :picaso: lol