High Rollers Contest: Grave Digger


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Hey guys, well I finally got a bit of time to start the Grave Digger, started making the wheels, took awhile to make :S


This one should be really interesting to watch, You know in the early days of Monster trucking, Grave Digger was a real truck, actually most trucks were real trucks. It wasn't till later that the owner of Bigfoot started using racing roll bar chassis that everyone followed.
WOAH.. Ive not seen that picture.. looks like that Grave Digger has been sitting for a long time, the wheels are soo rusted... Id love to know the story on where it had been prior to that picture.
its coming along great, but one comment about the frame, i dont think you can have the frame going this low in the center, thats should be actually one of highest points of the frame b/c thats a soft spot for those trucks.

EDIT: made a mistake, your frame looks correct, but the whole frame should sit up higher

too bad your not modeling it after the original.. that original GD had a lot more eyecandy and potential , specially modeled with how it is now.. RUST 4TW!!


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Thanks for your comments guys.
The bottom of the frame was a bit low, so i've moved it up. The top is in the right position from most of the reference pics I have, it just looked low because of how low the bottom was.
I really think someone should make the old Grave Digger with all the rust, it looks really cool!
Nice to see you got it coming this far already, most legendary Monster Truck I believe

And indeed that old one is looking great, with all its rust it is kinda scary :D