High Rollers Contest: Grave Digger

Some amazing work. I think that so far you are doing a great job. One thing that will really help this go along way is that these tires dont look new. Because from what Ive heard and read, bigfoot tires, are tires designed for other purposes, not this sport. So when they get their tires they have to shave off rubber to get their weight down. So the shave marks and even some really worn look could make this go a long way :)


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Thanks for your comments Icekid, I think I will put grooves and cuts in the tyres with a bump map when I have finished modelling, theres too many polies in the tyres already let alone putting cuts and stuff in them. Thanks for your comments. I'm starting to think that not many people are fans of Monster Trucks as all the MT threads arent getting many comments at all, which is a bit sad really!


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Cheers for the comments Johnas, I'm wondering why they arent getting much attention and all i can think is that people are too lazy to open up the contest forum, no other reason really


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outstanding work so far Prykie!! Keep going, can't wait to see this finished.

I've considered attempting to model the Gravedigger myself, but have never gotton around to it.