High Rollers Contest: Grave Digger

very impressed so far. The tires really show a lot of potential, and I really look forward to seeing everything come together on this. Graphics look very convincing, so nothing else so far to critic on :)


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Hey guys, Ive been really busy at work and havent had time to do much, and I'm also heading back to Oz for a holiday from my holiday in Edinburgh on the 18th :S
So hopefully when I get back to Oz I can finish up, otherwise I might just have to submit it as it.
I was stuffing around trying to make tyre tracks last night, and this is a very early WIP of it so far. Let me know what ya think, the textures are ****, but Im not worried about that yet


Could you do that by using a tyre before it has the bend modifier , invert it and use it as a template?
Whatever , it looks very impressive. My first impression is the dirt tracks may be a little too close together but I could be wrong.


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Actually it a Displacement map, I used the UV's of the tyre to make a black and white displacement map and just wacked it on a dirt texture.
Rcat if you have a look at the bottom of the tyre you can see that its pretty close to the right width apart
lol that looks nice. It has good oppertunities for the final scene. I really hope you make it as you're one of my favourites. Keep it up and enjoy your holidays.