High Rollers Contest: Land Rover

So far you are doing great, looks just like the real truck. Should be able to get a 2 for 1 deal out of this model. A monster truck one and a regular one :)
I'm back. Gonna get on with finishing modelling this week. Thanks Ice , I would also like to get a second model of a regular car from this, think it would be worth doing.
don't you think that back corners are a bit too sharp even for a land rover ?
we're waiting to see more monster trucks :)
great model so far
Thanks guys. Tried this technique last night and it worked really well. Got all the faces mapped in no time at all.
I'll try some texturing over the weekend.
Hey not bad for a first attampt. Thanks for the tut KMyers - very useful.

Gonna get on with trying to match the chassis to the body , then finish textures next week.