High Rollers Contest: MysteryMonster


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Does this ring any bells??? :D

Just a raw shape of the body :p Will use turbosmooth..I think. Seemed to work fine when in 1-iteration and smoothing groups.
It will have a chassis and rollcage etc.


LOL well this one definitely has a lot of character to it. Sadly I'm at a loss of what its themed after.... Only thing I can think of is a Cartoon Car.


The Land Cruiser Maniac
OK...argh... what the hell just happened???
I was rendering a simple scene with car paint materials. And suddenly screen goes black and computer starts to make some screaming sound like it´s going to die! *peeeeep-pööööööp* and "shut down"

I cant continue this project if I cant even render anymore.
you are overworking your comp, you can't do that - it will end up that your comp will not boot into windows then, if you are using the 3gb switch then you have to turn that off, but that only happened with me when I was rendering something with over 3million polies, it shouldnt be a problem for you, try saving and merging into a new scene, that might work.


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Heh...wow... overworking XD 10,000tris It usually works but not now. I have a 4years old PC and it was kind of out dated when I bought this ;)
it could also be the render settings. When i was rendering my murcielago (who has way to much poly's, something like 5 million) and i put the rendering settings to high it also crashed. When i turned the rendering settings down it worked just fine. So maybe change something on the rendering settings!