High Rollers Contest: Renault Twingo

Greetings gentlemen
I'll be joining you with something small european


Renault Twingo (1995)
it's my very old model so it needs a lot of work to get it in shape

let's party :D

a question to all who has already started and all you who knows
where could i get some monster truck suspension ref's ?

to moderators
i'm really sorry I forgot to put high rollers contest in front of thread name - how can i fix this ?
I could easily see some great potential in this if its done right. As far as reference, really it all comes down to pictures and coming up with your own setup. The key thing is "there is NO wrong way to raise this vehicle up" So you can go the new way, which is fiberglass on tube chassis. Or the old method, which involved huge leaf sprints, big rig axles, just anything you can find around, thats how this culture started. So just let your imagination go wild.


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Lol this will look really cool! For reference pics, All I did was go onto google and webshots.com and looked for monster trucks, there are heaps of pics. Cant wait to see more
small progress here

made some tires
fitted them, realised that the wheel base is way to small to make the car look normal

instead of making something booooring like this (imao it's ugly and disproportional)

decided to modify it
now it has bigger luggage space :>
we'll see what happens next cuz i have no plan
do i look like a guy whith a plan anyway ? :D
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thanx for those links there is some usefull info :)
and sorry mate but I don't understand french :/ i'm russian, just i don't live in russia :)

bout the car
made chassis from some american car - obviously stock ones would brake down
next is the suspnsion
engine will be hanging in the middle and I think it'll be hiden cuz i don't think i'll have time to model it :/


Excellent :D Old school leaf spring setup, thats got real eyecandy potential. Nice job so far. The tires are the only thing hurting it so far, they seem a bit too cartoonish looking (tread size and width) But its still early :)
2 Icekid84 - i just want to avoid those tubes as much as i can
remember it's french car my dad has one, they seem to biuld cars different ...
so i want this one to be different too :D

threw away that huge front bumper
think it's too american :D

so if anyone want to help u can show me some non-american (no offence guys) bumpers (the metallic one :D that protects u from impact - just not sure the english word for this one)

so i can think of a different one
thanx in progress
more updates really soon