High Rollers Contest: Renault Twingo

thanks guys
very helpfull with those bull bars
made something smaller .. more agile or whatever :D
i like that one better

ok finished with suspension
now not much left before finishing the model
already done some low poly interrior although it cannot be seen now :D no safety bars inside though
i'll make a rollbar in the back, i like to think that it's what french would want to have :)

anyways crits are welcome :)


The vehicle looks very creative, just the kind of stuff I hoped for in the design stages of this contest. The vehicle now however is being out shined by the undercarriage, easily fixed with better materials and settings. I think the only thing (besides details on the vehicle itself) is the tires, the tread seem to low poly and sharp edged. Add a chamfer perhapse to the edges.
thanx for the replys guys
the wheels are surely to be changed as far as i figure out how to make them properly :D
2 Pryke - orange looks like you know - orange :D i like oranges. P.s maybe any tip on those wheels ? you'r having a kickass ones ))
2 Erik_S - althoug tires are rubbish they're in the right proportion, I specially checked for that
the car is just too small )) try google it and you'll se what I mean ))


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Wow that looks really cool! If you check out the first page of my WIP, you can see a wire of my tyres, that might help you.
Wow, it looks just great. Compared to the chassis, the body of your Twingo looks a bit lowdetailed tho. Dunno, maybe you just have to add a nice paintjob for it to get some more details up there.

I love that orange stuff there^^
thanx for the comments guys
donw wanna make useless thing on the body so there will be some complex paitjob to make it look "more complicated" comparing to the chasis

made some other crappy wheels :)
whell i concider to be done with modelling (unless i ran on to some ideas whilst texturing this beast)

anyways thanks for the support more updates soon ;)



I have some critics :
- Flag penetrate their support.
- You need to add door handles.
- What about adding details in the empty wheel passage ?
- You need to fix the rear fender and trunk, just above the rearlight : there is a tiny hole.
- Add a horizontal bar to your frame, behind the additionnal spots.

Otherwise, good job ! Keep it up !
2 tom
flag - yep i know :) got rid of it for some time till i make a better one
door handles - my lazyness almost got away with it, but there always some one .. :D :D :D made them
wheel passage - dunno, what kind of details you propose ?
rear fender - fixed =)
abot the bar dudbt quite understand where ? coukd you draw it in paint or something ? =)

2 schaefft yep need to figure out where then cuz since it's a pickup'ed it can't be where it originaly was


complete awesomeness! i love the idea :p but i say add more details on the upper area, maybe a small winch on that front bull bar? or a roll bar for the interior :) keep it up and good luck


About the wheel passage, your model currently looks like it's made only of one part : take a look under your car, you'll see it's not like that in real life. Accuracy doesn't matter there, you just have to make it credible.

For the horizontal bar, please see attached render.

Your renders look very promising. Take care of improving the lighting quality settings for final renders, but you're definitely on the right way !