High Rollers Contest: The Big Dodge

Fantastic update, this is really progressing nicely.. my only gripe is the wheel wells are a big oversized, even for a monster truck, but your creation so who am I to bicker :)
Well, thank for your comments.

- to KMyers-MG and Icekid84, the Wheel arches are really exaggerated on all the monster truck i found. I guess it's to have access to the bowels of the beast ;)

Now, i got a surprise: my monster truck is really a monster: it has fangs.
You can see yourself...:uhh:


That looks great.It look a bit cheap that the bottom lip is the bumper upside down i dont know why it just dosnt work with me.anyway Keep it up!


IMHO, you should remove the bottom of front bumper which is the upper lip. So the tooth would take place between the two halves of the front bumper.

Otherwise, really great job !


Nicely modeled, now you should spent the few hours left until the contest deadline on your shaders and on rendering.

Keep it up, your idea looks really good !