Holden Monaro race car (Bathurst)

another one that seems to have dissapeared. So here it is again. Top view done by eye, in quite a rush, so not accurate. Rest done using photos

This is racing as a Vauxhall in the UK, with one of my liveries (under wraps for the mo, I'm afraid!)



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Inaccurate, the top one is like, stuffed - my uncle owns a Monaro, and the top one looks absolutely nothing like the car, the front of it is very different.
yeah, the front end of the new gto's have more of a swooping curve in the front


thats not a pontiac.....
thats not a pontiac at all!
no,no,no,no nothing about this seems right at all!
well, I drew the top view in about 20 minutes, so I dont think it was bad.

Good thing is I now have real reference from GM and have a top view :) coming shortly

here you go....

(this is the race car, so it has VXR front bumper, racecar fender flares and a modified trunk


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I know I only joined up today, but I was wondering if anyone that has this print (the one the topic was created about) could they please PM me with it because the attached image isn't working for me.