Honda Element

hello , i hope im posting this right , lol. i dont post much.
started work on a new project , about 4 hours into it.
the front bumper sections are pretty right as is the hood , the sides were a quicky to block them in.
let me know what you think / ideas/ and please oh please tips =)
and a wire frame for you , 1676 polys so far
(im new to max so im just using the skylight for the GI, its under things to work on)
mikolc - thanks ~

more updates , the server im on is wierd

and a rendered one -

3406 polys so far , it was at 4300 , but i took some detail out i can put back with a texture. im just trying to fit it all under 5k for fun. :)

im still working on the back hatch and tail lights , then connect all the pieces. then try and texture the beast. not so good at texturing but we shall see.
thanks ~


please just upload them to this forum, that way people might reply more
Nice model, just try to refine it a bit more and cut some polies where you can fit them to make it smoother
sweet , got them to upload correctly.
4248 polys

2752 in the body
398 interior
274 in each wheel

going through and adding detail where it needs it before i texture it.
post an update later tonite. must resist WoW but cannot.



(the really white print screen is some sort of glitch in max - wierd)
hey , i need a little help on this , ive got down how to unwrap and make a texture down ok , but i dont know how to get a decent render of the unwrap or a pic of the wireframe to paint off of. doing it by hand and some trial and error is slow and a pain. what am i missing ? i know there should be a way but i cant figure it out so i thought i would ask.

here the progress so far

im gonna have to pull some polys here and there to get the side mirrors on there. im really close to 5k as is.
(this is my first texture ever pretty much, so i dont really have a clue beyond the basics)
Take a printscreen of your mapping view, better than blindly but it still is a pain actually.
If you're using Max the best thing is getting the Texporter plugin. Nothing beats that in ease of use. It just renders the mapping of the desired object to any resolution you choose.

Btw, think about it: you have to count TRI's, not poly's. Let's hope you haven't made that mistake...
ok this is the best i can do for now with my schedule and the fact this is my first real model. also the first ive ever textured too.

let me know what you think.
i tried to do a car i havent seen a bunch of models already done for.
postpic1.jpg postpic2.jpg postpic3.jpg
elementmain.JPG elementsecond.jpg

hey thanks to all you guys that did awsome work , i learned a bunch from you . Great work all.
(yes i know my textures are ugly as all get out) :)

i forgot to texture the seats lol . i couldnt let it go. 8o

postpic4.jpg postpic5.jpg elementmain.JPG

ok so thats 2 views and my new texture , now ill let it go.

(i should have labeled this post initially "free strippers" or something , just to get someone to look at it, j/k)