How many do lead the site?


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This is a question in my mind lately.
How many people is actually leading , administrating and moderating the forum?
Aren't they too much?
Sometimes a new moderator or a new administrator comes out. And many of the already known ones are disappeared or missing since a long time.
I think a forum like this (basically every forum) needs to be leaded by someone who really is very often on line, someone to trust in for whatever forum related problem, someone present when it needs. Here there are many, but honestly at the most they seem more like normal users than leaders.
The last thing i want is to be considered as moderator since i've not the requirements and even if i had i just don't want to do it, so this post isn't for a candidation of mine at all, and i ask sorry if someone is feeling offended, that's not my intention, but i just felt the need to do this post.
I know this is a transition's moment, but this trend is going on long before the migration thing.

Exidge is on vacation for July. He should be back next month. You will see me here most of the time on a regular basis now. Feel free to contact me with any concerns and comments. I am the official webmaster here.
VBulletin was awful software. I can't tell you how much I hated it. I feel at home with xenForo, and can handle most tasks.


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Ok , thanks for the quick reply and...welcome to our official webmaster then , best of luck mate :)
I also hope to see soon Exidge, TwoOneOne and Greenvampire, very important people for SMCars and its users.



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@ Duron
Yes...but this will not help the users to take confidence with the staff, i'd say the opposite instead. My post meant just to give the users, me included, a clear report of the current leading's situation. To do a separate thread for the staff only, excluding the community, won't help . It's a thing maybe u should do, it's your right as staff member , but i frankly think it's not strictly related with the core of my post.

Oscar J

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I don't think that's what Duron meant - I think he means a page where the forum users can see who's in the staff and who's responsible for what.


Well i´m still around and i´m still in contact with exidge, although during summer time all of us probably spend less time in front of our pcs and that´s why things got a bit quiet the last weeks.