How to build a monster truck correctly?

The idea of the contest is quite interesting. I do not know if I'll have the time to do anything though. In any case, it would be nice to make the thing correctly, not just according to imagination. Meaning that the wheels, tires, suspension, frame, etc should selected, built and placed according to certain mechanical principles. I've read some books on building racing cars and hot rods, just wondering if anything like that exists for the monster trucks?

I actually have a partially built 1948 Chevrolet truck, that could be used as a basis for the monster truck.
nb : would love to see something from you. classic trucks used to really be popular with bigfoot drivers. So if you are still interested would love to see what you came up with.
Icekid84, thanks for encouragement! I'll try do something if I find the time. I've already figured out myself the principles used to build the chassis of the monster trucks. Hopefully I'll come out with something.