Hudson Hornet (1954)

Thanks, I’ve tried to concentrate on making blueprints for some of the more odd, independent cars, so there is some variety out there; you know things like 55-57 chevy’s are done to death – I still love ‘em, but there’s plenty of resources for them already.

Also, my 3d modeling skills suck, so this is my way of contributing. I think I’ve gotten a little better with each one I’ve done. If anyone out there has used any of my blueprints, I’d love some feedback of what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right. So if anyone knows of things I need to improve, let me know.
Well i've been trying to model a 1953 Olds 88 forever.

I started trying to make my own prints in illustrator but I never finished it.

Got plenty of reference pics though if you're interested in taking it over for me!

As far as I can tell, your prints are correct looking in scale etc.
Kinda reminds me of Russell Von Sauers work, with the clean lines and all.