Hyundai Coupe (1996)

hyunday coupe 1996

thats what I was affraid of :(, see why I was thinking so meanly about the banning thing.. anyhow I think you'll get to see some work from your cars, especially since you are puttin them out as requested, probly just take some time, but I dont think people will forget about you.
hyunday coupe 1996

I don't think its a question of not showing the stuff there doing. I know for myself, I go looking for prints, but not start the car until some time later, if at all. Your prints are very good to use, and I am not the only (I am sure) that are greatfull. I know there are plenty of BP's I would like to see if you have, but I got alot on the go at the moment, and I don't need other distractions from getting some old stuff done ;)..

I'm not leaving

I'm not leaving don't be afraid. :)
what i mean is that i might stop putting a blueprint online just by asking.
i've had several pm asking for 5, 6, 7, cars at once.
some of people who never ever showed anything here.
that is the part i really don't like.
for me seening other mens work is also to learn myself.
I have never builded a car myself yet!!
i really want to learn but i'm mutch to picky on details.
so i've quitted 4 or 5 atempts building a opel Tigra.
(it's here somewere....)
hyunday coupe 1996

Sorry to go off topic, but has anyone else had trouble getting these blurpints to match up?. In not making the Coupe but I was going to make the new Clio but I couldnt get the prints to line up correctly, again sorry for going off topic. Your blueprint collection is great too!
hyunday coupe 1996

a blue print is a guidance for modeling
i have never seen a blueprint that is perfect. :?
tha'ts why you need the refenece guide also :wink:
the blueprints i give are used for car signing.
so they don't have to be perfect.

i you don't know what car signing is..
see pictures. :lol: