Hyundai Coupe (1996)

I've tried to use this blueprint... but (how always with ALL the others Hyundai Coupè 1st edition blueprints) it's not good to use... damn!! when i'll find one that i can use?!??! :(

1) low qualitiy
2) is not a orthogonal projection
Well, just try to get as many reference pics as possible. Compare your model with the real car, the blueprints shouldnt be the only thing you use as reference. :)
But the problem is this! i've created a right view, compared with a right view of a real car (in 3D view), and then... when i go to see the front view... the lights are not the same (in the front are bigger), the bumper is deformed (in the front it need more space less than the right)... this problem, with my other work (BMW series1) not appends... so i've thinked the problem is the blueprints... and i've changed blueprints (using the other else in this site) BUT! same problem... so... why with BMW this problem not exsist and with Hyundai it persist!?!?!? only 1 reply: the blueprints are not orthogonal projection... (i think) ;) and thx for your reply...