International trucks (1940s)

Heh exactly like you said, Zil is rip off. Wouldn't be first time when Russians do that, no offence, I saw some site which had numerous of Russian cars that were rip offs of western cars.


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If I recall history correctly, the Russian trucks were derived from US lend/lease arrangement with Russia in WWII. I'm not completely sure whether the trucks arrived complete or in CKD form. Interestingly Russia helped China develop a truck in the '50s that's basically a copy of the ZIL.

Some Soviet-era cars were vague copies of European or American designs, while others were derived from joint ventures with particular manufacturers (such as with Ford to make Model As that then became the GAZ line) and maybe FIAT.
Lada (VAZ) 2100 series was basically Fiat 124 but they had somekind of deal with Fiat. That car were produced from early 70's till late 80's :eek:
There is a webpage concerned with the WWII Land-lease program:
Engines of the Red Army in WW2

There is some information on the issue raised here:
Engines of the Red Army in WW2 - International Harvester KR-11
"International KR-11 ("Inter"), 5-ton, 4x2, Dump Truck According to US War Department, Quantities of Lend-Lease Shipments, a total of 1,243 5-ton 4x2 Dump trucks were delivered to the USSR in WW2. Most, if not all of them were KR-11 built from 1941-1943 by the notorious Lend-Lease supplier International. The chassis had an 161in. wheelbase and 10.00-20.00 tyres and was also used as a truck tractor for towing semitrailers. Like with other US types, the truck seemed to have been quite a success in the USSR, as the post-war Russian ZIS-150 truck was an almost exact copy."
I doubt it was an "almost exact copy", probably some parts were. I think the truck was rather a combination of the "knowledge" obtained due to Land-lease program and the local manufacturing capabilities.

The KR-11 had a longer hood than the trucks posted here. I have a side view drawing. I'll try to remember to post it.

As for FIAT-124, a plant was built in the USSR to manufacture these. To my knowledge it was not a joint venture, FIAT simply sold the "technology"and the first Lada was actually the same car as FIAT-124.