Jaguar XF-R (from model)

Hi, when i was searching the 3d warehouse, I find some very usefull free models, of which i decided to make a clay renders.
This is first of them, because from long time ago i want to model the XF, 10x to mandun from 3Dwarehouse, i can make similar blueprints to Ferrari 458 Italia, Aston MArtin One-77, weismann GTmf5, Morgan Aeromax and SSC Ultimate Aero, If there is ineterest, or you wanna help me make better renders for blueprints, please send me PM or you can also download SKetch up models from Models by mandun - Google 3D Warehouse Search

To the administrators if I have break any rule, please delete the topic.
Render picture in the rar file is 3000*3000px.