Jowett Javelin

Jowett Javelin arrived in 1947: the compact 4-door 5-seat fastback looked antiquated already in the late 40s. Yet the car of the front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout was noted for its advanced engineering. Under the bonnet, the "boxer" OHV four of 1,486 cc displacement was mounted longitudinally. The engine had aluminium block and “wet” cylinder liners, its later versions got hydraulic valve lifters which were absolute hi-tech by the time. Light and well balanced, the flat four was mated to the 4-speed manual gearbox. The power unit was distinguished for its low gravity center; the torque was transmitted to the "live" rear axle via hypoid final gear. The Javelin also pioneered 12 V battery – 6-8 years before the majority of American and European automakers.
Regretfully, the company didn’t performed well financially, and in 1954 Jowett Cars was acquired by the mighty International Harvester Co. The end.