Koenigsegg Agera

Hey guys,

It's been a long time that i saw most of you. I've been busy with study for a long time so i haven't done much lately. But times are changing, i have a new project i'm working on, the Koenigsegg Agera (R). I haven't decided yet wich version it will be but most probably the Agera R version! :)

Updates won't be fast as well, i'm still busy with the study, but it will be there. This project is done For CG-Lab to show what we are capable of. Furthermore is this also a project together with Yasick, who is working on the Lamborghini Aventador. In the end we hope to give some mouth watering shots with these 2 amazing supercars together in a self made scene.

Well for so far the blabla, ofcourse you all want to see some shots, so here you go! Enjoy and C&C appreciated as always.

See you all around,



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Man its looking super bumpy....I'd start again mate :D
Lol only joking mate, great work as usual, you still using the same technique to model or have you changed it slighty?
Thanks for all the kind comments :)

@Prykie: The basic is the same as my previous technique, but when i get to details i changed it slightly :)

@klobster: Here you go!

@Duron, Salim, Ashtray: Thanks mates!

So here is a little update. Still working a lot on the base, but i got some chance to work a bit on the rear bumper. So i got carried away again and i actually finished it! :) So here u go, C&C appreciated as always!


Thanks Yasick and Salim

So here is a small update, i've got the base finished finally so i can work faster now on the detailed version. I finished the hood (finally) and started working on the side. That vent didn't went down without a fight, it was a real bitch to make. But it turned out pretty good imo :) Let me know what you think, C&C is appreciated as always!


Thanks for all the kind comments! :)

The project isn't dead, there is just slow progress because of the studies unfortunately. Anyway i have some updates for you all, still working some stuff out u see here so don't be too harsh! :)

C&C appreciated as always!



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Oh my gosh! It's looks so neat and beautiful! As I understand it's a high poly model and You use Turbo/Mesh Smooth for it? Anyway keep it on and joy us with new updates ^^