Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (2008)


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That's cool you like it. I made those blueprints using Vray_toon. I'll try to write simple tutorial soon as it's possible. For now I have a lot of work in school.

writing from mobile phone lol ;)


Lamborghini President
Thx for comments. Prints have to be updated cos there is some missing parts, like turn indicator or stop light in rear bumper, so that prints are "beta".


Lamborghini President
at first I want to say that blueprints doesn't fit at 100%, even at 90%

at second I have attached wire blueprints too, it can help if blueprints will be too incorrect,

at third - please, when you will use this blueprints always trust refpics not Blueprints!.

And at last, please post any bugs, incorrects and other what can improve this BP. Again sorry for size but is hard to corect some lines in Photoshop (because Vray toon isn't rendered some lines ) in 4000x4000 resolution. And by the way, sorry for file sizes, I just want don't loose quality.

1) Wire.PNG (1.75 MB)
2) Blueprints_fixed.png (1.37 MB)


If your making prints form you model, to make sure they are accurate just use 1 view and copy the car 4 times then rotate them the way you want them to be and render.

and im still waiting on the tutorial about making these prints :D


Lamborghini President
When I put in Photoshop Wire render on Vraytoon render it wasn't match (some lines was diffrent), but just checked in 3ds max (rendered with wire material and red Vray toon lines), and it fit good, so never mind.