Lamborghini Gallardo

is this blueprint good?

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Thanks for the tips.....
But i have measured the pixels and cut the images.
Also, i have brightened and fine tuned the color and contrast aspects of the images.
I am working on it at home......


When Tonn wrote about blueprint inaccuracy, he didn't meant what you do the pictures, but the lines drawn on them. For example, a detail is missing or wrongly drawn (that is inacurracy) or maybe a given point doesn't have the same location on each picture (that is, "blueprint doesn't match")

Tuning color / contrast, cutting pictures can't change any of that.
Thanks very much for that piece of knowledge.
But those factors are inevitable in a blue print which is not original, right?
Humbly looking for comments from the wiser and older members.......
Nice ones but i agree with Tom. May i will put some of the wires one soon. I will have to draw them from NFS Model. I hope they will help u...