Lamborghini Miura LP400 Bertone Prototype (1967)


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This specimen is Plantgeta's Miura P400 Bertone Prototype CN.0706 (1967)

The only thing with borrowing other's vehicles is that the paint jobs and wheels may not be stock... These look like they're aftermarket wheels, but meh, we has moar blueprints now. XD

it's a shame that the bottom views on all standard models, and on some premium models such as this one are so completely useless. If it hadn't shown some grille work detail that curves down at the bottom, I wouldn't have bothered including it, but yeah



Traffic Car Connoisseur
well, due to having to crash the cars hard enough to be able to flip them, it wasn't actually seeing through the floor, it was the wall protruding right through the car model... heheh.

I'm just glad there's a way to brute force a top-view now.

pity there isn't a truck with a ramp on it or a really great wedge-shaped car so we can flip the vehicles without having to first distort them by impacting the barrier o.o
yea but the crash distortion on this one seems to be minimal, so it is good shots.
i remember the first time i crashed and rolled my 94 camaro at daytona i was like OMFGTHATISSOOCOOL!!!! now i hit it at 220 in my GTR R35 and i get soo pissed because it kills my lap times lol