LCA Contest: 1961 Ferrari 250GT California - Ferris Bueller's Day Off


The model starts to look really good, now ! Impressive progress, you can be proud of your work.

But the yellow reflections on the paint ruins a bit your model. Try to get rid of them.
Yes you have done a great job sofar :)
It's not all about accuracy. If you present your model like a good chef does, it makes all the difference :)

Create some simple interior and focus on rendering. You've got three days left, I hope you can find the time to do this :) Good luck on the final steps!
I agree Ben. You've done an awsome job. That last render looks great.

Maybe you could consintrate on a render of the rear so that you can post it up in the final entry area.

Well done mate!!!
I did some work on the rear last night, I think it's turning out pretty good! Thanks to all who told me to eliminate as many of the triangles as I could... I took your advice, and got a pretty smooth rear end. It's not the best render, but I think it's pretty cool... Tonight, I'm going to work on the interior, and try to finish it up. Then to a large front and rear render, and post them.


Well I hope you submit what you got, would be a shamed not to. The car looks very good, and for your newness to all this it is really nice. Its a tricky car to be sure, but I think you have great potential. :)
I tried to do a studio render, but it looks terrible. Oh, well, I'm going to re-render it from the regular viewpoint quick, and hopefully have the two views up before the contest closes!

I put my two renders up in the contest thread. There are tons of problems with them, and they didn't end up as nice as I wanted them to, but I'm very proud nonetheless, as it's my first effort!

I never got my interior right, completely forgot about modeling taillights (brain fart!!), and as Icekid said, the front end isn't quite right. Oh well... it was fun, and a great learning experience! I'm anxious to start on a new car, with actual blueprints, and I think I can do a much better job! I also want to start playing with a different renderer, as the blender built in keeps crashing on my machine.

I didn't even notice there were no tail lights :D

You've come a long way, you should be proud of yourself :) We helped you as much as we could (or at least tried), but we can't do the work for you. So all credit goes to yourself ;)

Any ideas on your next project?
Thanks Nighteye!

Boy, that's a good question... I think the main things I'm interested in learning more about are maps (bump, normal and displacement, etc.). I've seen them in use, but have no clue how to use them. The other thing I'm going to start playing with is rendering in aqsis, as I can use Dr Queue to manage a small render farm (I'm a network guy, and programmer by trade), hopefully keeping my poor little laptop from crashing as much! :)

Any suggestions or links are appreciated! (I'm using blender as I can actually afford it, FYI) ;)

I think for my next project, I'm going to make a very simple 50's era cartoon-ish car based loosely on a Jaguar Mk II, and a car I saw a few weeks ago, which I have no idea what make it was. I'll post some WIP images once I get a little ways into it.