LCA Contest: 1973 Ford Falcon XB-Mad Max

So I've always wanted to get in on these challenges...and I'm a big Mad Max fan, so I'm going to do his GT351 Coupe... Its funny, I used to build this car outta legos when I was a kid and I always wanted to model it when I got into 3d, but never got around to it...I am gonna model the interceptor from the first movie, when it was still in ok shape, just a little dirty. Good luck to all!



Alright, just a coupla hours work...I know there's bumps everywhere, but I'm tired and the hood was a challenge for me...

Please let me know about my topology!

Try to avoid those small polyrows, they cause easily bumps and are difficult to keep in order. Other than that good start
Thanks guys...yea the front bumper I smoothed out before I went to bed last night and yea, I gotta make the fender flare thingy smoother tonight, but I'm at work, so updates shall have to wait!
Alright...I had barely an hour to do this tonight, but I had to post something...Just the front end started and fixing some things...I think the fender may need to be even smoother, what do you think? I also realized that the replicas have the body lines seperated differently from the movie version. I am going to try to replicate the original as much as possible, but there arent many refs, I'm going off the DVD so far. Also, I now realize the front "body kit" looks ridiculus because there are no side skirts and no rear body kit. it is, C & C most welcome.

Thanks everybody, comments keep me motivated!

I been sick... but here's what I got so far...

Alot of Nyquil makes for bumpy mesh, plus some of the bumps should be there...

Thanks everybody!

Little update...Finshed up the front end except for the front directionals...Thought I'd duplicate the sides to see what it looks like...I'm pretty happy so far... Let me know what you think!