LCA Contest: 1973 Ford Falcon XB-Mad Max

Great work so far, if this car doesnt have dirt on it when its done then it will be incomplete IMO. Get some details like IC has and you will have a real winner, especially if its on a long desert road.
Thanks guys...I've decided to make this mostly clean, I did unwrap the body and such so some road dust and small dirt streaks, but overall it will be right after Max first stole it...

Icekid84: Thanx alot man, I'll do what I can not to disappoint...It means alot coming from you!
Work continues on the environments, but here's a lil tease to keep you all interested!

Tiberious I cant find any prints for the holden, plus refs are nil...I want to model it tho!

I actually like this render already, consider how nice the other two must be :D
One thing though: the motion blur is going in two directions. It should go only to the right, obviously.
Oh, and a driver ;)

The IC

uses too many smileys
looks NE said, whip up a low poly mel gibson head for it xD...also, you should brighten it up a tad, at the moment the lighting looks a bit too dark for an outdoor image
Thanks for the comments guys! I really dont have time to make even a lopoly max...thats part of the reason this isnt one of my final submitted pieces...I dont really understand about the motion blur...could you elaborate? I'll brighten it up as well, I think my monitor is not calibrated properly so I'll look into it...

Also, there is some subtle dirt and grime, but its not really recognizable in this image...and I also didnt want to go overboard with wasnt that dirty in the movie...But I'll see if I can make it slightly more obvious...

Final stretch guys...this contest has been a blast and thanks to all for comments! When are we gonna post the finals?
Ahhhhh, ok, I see, thats weird tho because in my maya scene file, I have the camera parented to the car and the whole assembly is animated forward...I just turned on motion blur and rendered...perhaps I should only have the shutter open for the first half of the frame, or just the second half...? thanks for the advice tho!
i agree with IC

because in this type of shot, the camera is typically "panning" ,
so it would still recieve exposure from both extremes of an object (other than the one its panning with)


... iThink
Hi all! i just happened to stumble across this thread.. in fact across this wholewebsite by pure chance..

all i can say is WOW! im blown away by what you guys and gals can do and create on the programs you use.

Nosh: Full points on your render!! I have one massive request though and im wondering if you could please contact me so i can tell you about it.

Those renders are amazing!