LCA Contest: Days Of Thunder Chevrolet Luminas

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Righto, just putting my thread up here, but i wont be starting for about a week and a half, cos i have to do other things...i have made the spline cage from photos of an unassembled model of a Corn Flakes Lumina i have (i think ive had it for 10 years now :p), ill be using it for future detail reference too

if you havent seen the movie, heres a short clip...its crappy quality, but ohwell...its one of those "so bad its awesome" movies lol YouTube - Days of Thunder (Gimme Some Lovin) Cole vs. Rowdy



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YEY IC in da contest! I will watch this one :)

Damn it, now I have to really focus on my model if I want beat you :)

Good luck & Have fun xD

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#9 back from my break, made a not sure how much detail im going to put in...ive got the reference to do the engine bay and interior, but i was leaning more to the scene idea i had, so i might just skip the engine bay...

@Nik: stop hatin' on all my threads :p

@mmm & schaefft:, id never do that :p

@Catlin: ive got good reference of some real nascar luminas, but if you got some decent pics of the ones painted up for the movie, thatd be great :)

@shipilnator: thanks :)...and motorsport needs more ice cream...


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more updates...fixed the front bumper, the movie was filmed in 1989/1990, the Corn Flakes lumina model kit i spline caged off is from 1994...cheers for posting that front on pic Catlin :)

attached a pic of all the ones im planning on painting, heres a list

#46 City Chevrolet: Cole Trickle's car (tom cruise) before he gets a sponsor
#46 SuperFlo: Cole Trickle's car after he wins a race and gets a sponsor
#51 Mello Yello: Cole Trickle's car after Rowdy Burns asks him to take his place due to a medical condition
#51 Exxon: Rowdy Burns' car
#18 Hardees: Russ Wheeler's car, the "bad guy" of the movie


That looks HOT! i love that movie, must've seen it at least 6 times. The car looks good and i sure can't wait to see some final renders! THe model is just awesome!
So IC for final render you gunna put 42 cars in the field and have mr trickle corssing the finish line just a .1 of a secon infront of rowdy burns XD

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just added some details...needs a fuel filler hole...and exhausts...fuel tank......and...not too much else i guess...ill probably get to work on the interior very soon!

@Erik_S: haha, thanks :)...theres more interest in this land barge than i thought there would be (i.e. no interest :p)

@Catlin: heh...4 more body variations and 42 skins in just over a month...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...



Great progress so far. I really think the car is ugly (sorry mmm and schaefft ;) ) but your model is far from ugliness.

I'm looking forward textures !


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@Catlin: heh...4 more body variations and 42 skins in just over a month...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Careful with that kinda progress... EA may lay off all its vehicle modelers and hire you in place of them all :p

This is looking simply awesome, as can be expected with being not only a chevy lumina, and a stock car from the early 90's, but your work also helps it along too :p

very glad to see more progress on this car from you.

One thing though, aren't the bars on the rear window just a tad too close together?

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just made a small start on the interior...this is where the model kit comes in real handy...gotta put welds around the rollcage intersections, thatll be fun :|

@IK84: damn, youve revealed my super duper ultra secret plan :p...also thanks for the extra pics, although the one in the showroom has a '94 body shell by the looks of it...ill check the squareness of its arse next time round too

@tom120934: its so ugly that its awesome! xD

@mmm: i dont think id be able to do it in one month :p...maybe if other important things i have to do go smoothly, ill see if i can do another body shell or two...also, the window bars on the front and back seem to be different on every car i look at, so im not sure