LCA Contest: Dodge Charger '70 from "Dukes of Hazzard"


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XD only one question why is it then , when i render whit mental ray my rim looks just like whit V-ray(now i know v-ray cant work whit mentalray materials but?why?) i mean ugly like hell xD

in the mean time i created side mirrors Fule tank , front (down lights , back lights, well basicly i am done whit some diteals

Guys tanks for helping me whit HDRI here are my first renders from some tutorial


There seems to be some pinching at the lower part of where the rear bumper meets the car...Otherwise looking very nice, I like the front brush guard!
whoa it's a vray render ?!
never seen anything like it made in Vray more like scanline to me :S

and maaan you really should check your car for the shape - compare to the photos, cuz it's obvious that blueprints weren't that good and the car just is not what it should be .. at least i think so, maybe others will disagree ..


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tnx for comments ppl

ahh finaly i learned o use blend material and mapping my model 8)
here is my first textured model, NOT! :p only practice

@Sergo U ARE RIGHT 100%
1) V-ray my well second render in life whit it
2)about the shape i had a problem when i realized that i was working in 4:3 resolution, and my monitor is 16:9 so from start i didn't modeled the car right even if my renders looked ok to me, it was just stupid wrong resolution :/
Maby i Can try to scale it to the original shape but not sure what i will come up whit, But I will give my best to fix that


I like the 01, but are the edges supposed to look like that?...from a distance it kinda reads as wear and tear, but up close it looks like pixelation. I cant wait to see the confederate flag on top!


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Well its like this: Its my first time to make textures, i am new to photoshop, and i am just starting to understand how Blend material works. :/ well in time i will become better and better :D

And for confederate flag, i need to draw it so it will be hard for first time photoshop user,
But the force is whit me, i can do it xD

May the FORCE be whit u all :p
good work but that charger looks strange to me.. dont know why but it just does, just one question if this is made for a game will the doors open? xD i just got really stoked on watching dukes, thats a sign i like this car.. good luck with the rest


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tnx for comm. plejmo
yep its strange i already explaned why, above. The doors can be open, but i think its inposible to put this model in game xD almost 1milion poly lol just kidding it has around 90,000 polys so its not for game,
and i would have to make new rims - they hawe 400,000 polys whit out turbosmooth

well i fixed the strange look and here it is :

p.s.: if u think its strange again , pls tell me so ;) and if its good tell meagain because i want to start textureing ;)


Its rather out of proportion i think.It may match with those prints,but never take prints for granted only when modeling. Especially such an old car.Its lacking alot of details imo.



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I am not a detailed man :grin: lol
GREAT REF pictures tnx for sharing

about proportion its to late now i did all the textures maby when i set textures whit matt. i could scale it :/ dunno
well wtf i am noob so i wound to any environment, hope u understand

Final renders coming next weekend ;)

Here is how the things are standing.
OK now i know to make textures and here they are , BUT as u see my material and lightning skills are very bad :/
i am using V-ray so if anyone has tips i would like to hear them ;) Tanks


Yikes...that thing is reflective...too reflective. it looks like colored chrome. I dont know v-ray, I use mental ray myself...but I'd look into the fresnel effect, which basically makes the parts of the car that are perpendicular to your eyes, such as the top of the roof, side of the car, etc, more reflective than parts of the car that are directly facing the camera...Its basically a complicated french word that means if you had a sphere, the outer edges(those facing perpendicular to you) would be much more reflective than the edges directly facing you...


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Just cant find time to try out some render setings , but here is one shot and mis i mean its good i just need to fix my chrome mat. and everything exept carpaint :p

C&C are welcome


Be sure to scale down the rims a bit. They look huge.
Also, tweak the colour. It's too yellow at the moment.

Not sure how it should look overall, but I think it looks good :)
Work on the glass a bit its too frosty looking. Front grill is a bit wierd, like all the black has been saturated out of it. So put some more blacks in the overall image might help.


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Johnas that is like fully Red , or maby i don't know colors xD lol
no realy its red.
the general lee was a very deep reddy orange,
what you have to take into consideration when doing metal / car paint materials is that, the "base" colour is always quite dark, its the light + reflections that make it bright, and give it more colour.

in some images you look at the general lee, and it almost looks blood red... this is more of the base colour showing, whereas most of the time, the light is hitting it, and the world reflections make it look more orange than it actually is ;)