LCA Contest - Finished Entries Thread

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Production is almost complete, you've ran over budget due to wrecking too many cars, and a few stunt-drivers will be spending Christmas in a hospital...

...But who cares?? You're almost done!!

It's that time now where all you LCA contenders should be just about finished, so it's that time for one of these Threads to be put up. All you need to do now is submit the following into this Thread:

- 2 Renders, rendered MINIMUM at 1280 x 720, one angled to show the front of your model, and one angled to show the rear.

- The above is compulsory, however feel free to submit extra renders if you wish... These can be whatever resolution you choose.

Also, please do not post comments in this Thread. This Thread is just for submission of Entries.

Good luck to all with your Box-Office smashes!!
Here's my 1973 Ford Cortina MK3 from UK TV hit "Life on Mars".

Edit: Added some last minutes composites, have fun ;) Its really fun to be in competition, excellent learning experience and inspiring.


The IC

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Chevrolet Luminas from Days of Thunder

will have some studio shots up ASAP...i hadn't planned on getting an urgent commission during the x-mas/new year gap while i was doing this o_O

also, congrats to everyone, this contests really brought out some great stuff from you guys

EDIT: uploaded individual shots...bugger studio renders, race cars belong on the track :p


Sadly I couldn't finish the scene so only studio renders from me. I'll add more later


Forgot to say how great contest it has been, well done everyone :)


Allright guys, here are my two renders. I was pretty excited about them, and then the one from the front, the headlight textures didn't show up for some reason, and on the rear one, I realized I NEVER MODELED TAILLIGHTS!!!! I can't believe I forgot taillights!!!! Oh well. Such is life, and times about up. I figured I'd better get them online before time ran out. Hope you like them, there are tons of problems with them, but I'm very proud I was able to do as good as I did for my first car!

Thanks everyone for the help, enthusiasm, encouragement, and great examples of your work to aspire to. I'd be nowhere without all the help!


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