LCA Contest: Ford Gran Torino 1976 - Starsky & Hutch

I'm doing the one i saw from Starsky & Hutch Movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Willson (but i suspect that the car should be the same as it was in the older tv series)

had some hours to find some refpics and start the car itself
it's tricky in some places but anyways here's what i've got so far :

crits are welcome


somr progress today
going veery slowly

anybody got a ford old car font i need it for bonnet badge, hood badge - different font
and Gran Torino badge for side - 3rd font i think, so complicated blah......
if anyone got at least a name please post



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Looks like you got a nice start.

The grille top corners should be more rounder and the grille a bit more extruded. It also should be a little more pointy from the midle.
Also the rear "grille" should be pointy from the midle. See the attacment.
Can we see a clay render? Reflections make the rear fender look a little bumpy in some places.


had a busy week, we had independence day here in Latvia, so after some rest back 2 work :D
so here's little something something

2 rallydriver - tried to consider all your points - thanks for them m8 :D
2 schaefft - schaefft no need to worry, they'r here just for time being untill i make those genue rims and tires
2 rest - thanks for your support :D

about those overbright spots - anyone knows how to fix 'em ?
i'm using VraySkyMap + DirectLight (and reinhard color mapping with 0,5 burn value if it somehow can affet this stuff :DD )
if anyone knows please respond, i'd really like to figure out how to fix it..

anyhow renders - clay and reflection tests


Sergo, would you be willing to share an image of your wireframe with us? I for one would be curious about how you are making both the hard-edges and some of the rounded lines. Thanks!



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segio.... turn on clamp output option in your vray settings ( f10/ vray color mapping)... you will remove that strange dots on your highlight area..
2 chris20 - there should be a camber when the car is that low :)
2 istvanbarta - actually there's only modern ford badge font, which is not a problem to find, the classic one - this is real pain in the ass :(
2 henrysrodshop - here's the wires, but i suppose u need some close ups (?) just mark them on the picture and i'll show u =)

big thanks to the rest :D

small updates
made some side mirrors (it's the hardest part in car for me :S )

it's very hard to come across of the Ford 70's style hood/bonnet lettering, nor a straight photo or a font (dunno if it even exists)
i attached what it should look like, so if anyone has a similar font in mind or a straight photo, please respond
p.s any reference on the siren is going to be very helpfull too
thnx in advance