LCA Contest: Ford Gran Torino 1976 - Starsky & Hutch


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hey Old Dog and Johnas mby u wanna make a coop render after the contest
since we all are modelling so-called muscle cars ?
why not? but I think my car will make a bad impresion to the picture :/ but i would like to see that,
who has the best machine makes the render ;)
OldDog machine is not that critical
infact when using Vray - there's Vray proxy - so almost no poly limitations 1 car or 100 doesn't matter
small updates

and a question if anyone knows
how to make proper head/tail lights - as shown on a refference (down with the rest pics)
obviously (or not ?) i use bump maps, but on a distance like i have they don't seem to show up like desired
i'm using Vray so mayby there's any tip about that ? or a link where to look for hint
Help! :) cuz now the lights look crappy :(
thanks in advance for all of u


Not sure what you did but still looks good hehe. And yea I'd like to know how to fix that head/taillight issue too, Im having same problem :-/
Hmm,i dont know if its supposed tro be exactrly like the pictures you posted but therres quite a bit of detail missing on your front end some sharp lines down the side and from the top,also the hood vent?
2 Ivengo thanx :)
2 Catlin it's not genue Starsky and Hutch hood - the whole car from that photo session has a lot of differences to genue one. I'm doing the one that appeared in Starsky & Hutch with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and did quite research about the details, so u may be calm about that :)

The interrior is in progress, decided to make it detalied enough
some small parts still to be done before I can show it.
Then the white stripe and pretty much it about the car itself..
stay tuned :)
I love this car! but one thing been bugging me. the 3d shot showing the rear is off somehow because when I look at the scalloped rear sides , they are too massive -or the rear roof line may be too narrow.
if you see the area of the rear roof as it sweeps down there is no drastic shape change it sweeps down but your scuplted area has a crease at top of rear fender. I am thinking that must be what is messing with my eyes. rest is great!!! looking at top image from last post it is definitely rear fenders shape. focus on the area adt the top of lights and look at my link photo, you will see what I mean. yours bulge out and round but should taper towards top.
Looking Great...Something about the chrome bothers me, a little to there isnt any spot that could be black with no illumination...The tires look great, but look at the sidewall text on the back right tire...its reversed

Edit: I just thought of it!, you need an ao pass so that the crevices become dark...
nice update sergo, model looks fantastic tho i think it would look better with hdr reflections instead of vray sun and its pita camera settings :p anyway keep up the great work

Ok I used your rear shot to show the area not right. the blue is area where the rear fender comes out too far, you can see rounded shape where it is supposed to taper in toward top. the yellow lines show an area raised higher than rest of trunk which is not correct. the rest of the car is very good. because that side blue line is out to far ,messed up the rear shapes where is should flow better from top of roof going down to the sharp edge of rear fender. you can see the second photo blue area may help you to see the shape better for the rear fender.


As tiberius already pointed out you need harder lines on that rear, I placed them in my image as well. Also you got a few areas ( 1 and 2 ) that need to be rounded off as well. The car is not bad but I think when you stiffen the body lines up it will really help.