LCA Contest: Ford Mustang GT "Monster" from Death Race

Hi all. I finally got a chance to enter the contest. I'm very excited about it to be honest :) When I first saw the movie Death Race i thought it was good...when I saw it second time I knew I'm gonna model that car this way or another. So here it is (will be), 2005 (or 2006 as some say) Ford Mustang GT "Monster". The whole movie brought back the memories about cars packed up with guns, rockets etc. that made the game Interstate'76 so fantastic. So after seeing DR, when Doc wrote about L!C!A! contest...this was the first thing that came into my mind:) Good luck to the others. I will provide some more info about the car as sonn as i find it:)



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nice pick damn u stoled my idea :p i watched this movie 2 weeks ago, and i was realy thinking about it :p

Great chose of car :)

p.s.: sorry for bad english ;)


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That is gona be great ,car looked great in the movie,had loads of little bits sticking out in places so should be a challenge,good luck on it
whole my life i never broke a tiny little bone in my body...and then it was 3rd of November...i broke my f%^&in toe and even dunno how that happend. So I apologize to everyone that was counting on some updates yesterday but i spend whole day after work trying to get to home on one foot. But, stay tuned, i'm not gonna give up that easily...anyone got saw, i'm gonna cut that sh%t of... thx for the replies everyone, i'll get on the Stang as soon as i deal wih my big toe...
So.. finaly i got the chance to start modelling. This is about 90minutes of modelling...more of figuring out the good prints for regular GT Mustang and this car has been seriously modified...makes it even harder to model. But i said A so I'll say B...and maybe even Z...someday :p So, finally some pics, C&C most welcome

no chamfers yet
Im also wondering about your wires,your reflections wont be so good,obviously its in its early stage so,you have plenty of time to optimise them :)

and great idea for doing this car,just great i love it :p
thx for replies guys! The wires are wierd...but that's like a trade mark of my models:) Beside, that's only like 90 mins of work sofar. And most importantly, me reflections on this car, please. None of those cars in this move are flashy and pimpin, all of them are heavily armored, scratched, welded and so on...and that's why i picked this car...and that's why it's a great chellenge to make it cool :)


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I agree whit every one for wires :p but still its a great choice nice car and as u seed "heavily armored, scratched, welded and so on.." :) and that makes it very cool
I just hope u have time to finish it :) because i want to see it :exclamation: ;)
i think you've started not so right, in a "hard way"
cuz u really should model the stock mustang first and just then modify it till required condition
in that way u can avoid alot of bugs, besides there's millions pics of a normal mustang on the web to help u out with modelling
but it's just my opinion, on how to make things easier
@OldDog - don't worry, i will finish it :)
@sergo - u're wrong my friend, it would take twice as much time and a lot of useless modeling, i studied avaible pictures of the Monster and regular GT and most of the regular car is under the what's the point on modelling sth that will not be visible? Especially when the deadline is so not far away:)
small update on the Stang. Been working mostly on proportions and wires...but i won't be showing those yet couse they're massy. C&C most welcome