LCA Contest: Ford Mustang GT "Monster" from Death Race

calm down boys:) i hope to add the guns on the next update tommorow, till then, another small update. Had to refine all the front to make the proportions right...i almost forgot how hard it is to make model without any blueprints. C&C most welcome



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Now he is giving us some black pictures:eek: I bet he wants us to take a good look at them xD
because we can only look at them and he can rotate them xD

What is going on whit the back of the car? i don't remember seeing it

Good work so far :) Keep it up ;)
thx for reply. u don't remember them couse i didn't post any yet, beside that almost of all of the back is covered with so called "tomb stone" which will be easy to model i hope. so i started with the more complicated stuff like the front for example :p anyways, stay tuned :)

The IC

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*keeps fingers crossed that Oscar doesnt notice that The IC is also keeping his fingers crossed that Oscar cant finish aswell*

xD lol

on a more serious note, it looks like your front bumper looks like it should extend forward a bit the moment it looks like the lip above the headlights/grille area is further forward than the front your model to this pic and it should make sense :)

texturing it should be good fun :)


*is preparing "happy meal" for The IC...*
thx for the comment on the Monster IC...i have been tweaking the front for a long time now and still i haven't spotted that issue. Will fix that today...hopefully :)
Looks as bad as the real one, I mean how they ruined the good look of Mustang in the movie :D

So yea coming nicely together, texturing will be interesting I'm sure :)
I'm back and I'm full of hopes that i will be able to finish this bad boy :)
here's small progress, the rim and the guns...guns ain't finished yet tho. As for the rest...few tweaks here and there...ok, lot's of tweaks and more to come. Hope U'll leave some C&C :)

so far it looks pretty good. I've not seen the movie and except for the image from the movie all I have to go by, but it seems to be doing justice, its a very distorted Mustang in the movie from the looks hehe.