LCA Contest : Freightliner Wrecker from Terminator 2

I have no blueprints for the freightliner so it's a little bit difficult, but anyway, it's so mythic.

Wheels are juste for finding the good proportion, as for the Torino behind the monster.



Indeed, I join the crowd to congratulate you about the vehicle choice. Just rewatched the movie some days ago, freaking still impressive even by today standards !


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well a GREAT ppl's choice but im just wondering about, the front axle???

Now how da crack a jack do u turn the truck around with that xDxDxDxD


Catlin is right.

Another possibility is, the button on the right, in the 3D view. Don't remember the name, but it will produce some kind of "render" of the viewport with the current settings : i.e. it will give view a wireframe if your model is currently shown as wire.

The last possibility I know of is a script by Babynou, from the french forum BlenderClan : click on the links in first post to get a picture showing the idea. But it looks like his personal website is down, and I don't have a copy of that script by my side. The topic talking about it is here : Forums - Python & Plugins - Script pour rendu solide avec wire - The Blender Clan. I asked him if he still hosts it online, stay tuned for the answer.


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It is possible to take a screenshot from Blender when solid wirefrme is on... I think.

Edit: Go to edit mode and turn solid on ;) And if you use subsurf, turn that off too.
Oh my.. I really do remember something about Blender. Here´s my old work to show how you can show wireframe.!



I've got answer from Francois "Babynou" Gueguen, here's the link to the script I wrote about above : Passionné d'infographie: Script python - Blender Click on the link named "Télécharger...", it will give you the python script.

Another possibility that hits back my memory, is to draw wireframe on shaded model in viewport, then taking a screenshot. To display wireframe on a shaded model, just go to the "Object" panel (access key : F7), in the "Draw" subpanel, there is a group of buttons titled "Draw extra" : just activate the "Wire" button. Then, just make sure you're in shaded mode for the viewport ;)