LCA contest: James Bond's 1975 Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me

Yeah that render on the road is fantastic.

Looking at this you relise what a cool / retro kind of car this is / was.

I think i need to go and redo my wheels and tyres now that have seen these last posts from everyone. Love it!!!
thx for the comments ppl,..

the IC, the uderwater renders are my hidden weapon, so i will hide it like snake hides it's legs tilll the finals :p
Very nice model and renders!

There used to be a Bond movie (can't recall the title) with a similar Lotus but painted orange. In fact the white Lotus you are modelling exploded in that movie as the burglar alarm went on. You can have both versions of the car with the same model.
Hmm could you use simple interior in renders from exterior and detailed on interior renders? I was thinking to do mine like that, I would have same problem too
This car really looks nice as Ive said earlier, and you fixed it well, now the only thing killing it is the positioning of your wheels AND the size of the wheels themselves ( not the tires)

ok,.. just some small renders for now, but this should be more or less what ill use for finals...

guys... what do you think about 2nd render... i tried to make it look like a photo taken on some carshow in 70's...

comments welcome ;D


looks really great
but there some things i'd like to point out
1st pic is really good although the bubles are unrealistic and there was a bit more in the movie if i remember right :)
also i'd recommend to add some sea grass, and add noise to the plain where the rocks are luying cuz underwater sand is never plain like in the beach for example ...
the 2nd is also great but there's something missing not sure what though :/ i just imagined something more like bond i dunno :)
anyways really really great work your in my top 5 for now
That looks great, I was trying to find old pictures from car shows in that time period, and couldn't really come up with anything. Maybe some round tubed railing that goes around it. I do know one thing that would ad to the realism, is a HUGE poster on the background wall on the right of Spy who loved me to promote the car, maybe have a front plaque proclaiming car form bond too. The Renders do look great though, especially the sub one, very convincing.