LCA contest mad max interceptor

lol one car that has always been on modelers minds. This car looks really nice, they both do, though your screenshots are dark and hard for me to get a good judging on it, I think it has a lot of potential in it.
Dont forget, the Interceptor is not one colour. It is Gloss black on top and Flat black on the lower section and over the rear quarter panels.

Nice work though, cant wait to see it finished.
The flat black also continues on the hood where the hood scoops are...To be honest alot of the smaller details are not correct and tho people have mentioned them you havent fixed them...?
i know i haven't fixed a lot of smaller problems and to be honest some things i don't know how to fix.
like the pinch on the hood for example i tried but it only got worse so i let it be for the moment and another problem is that my computer constantly crashes as i try to render my textured drawing.
does anybody knows how to make the matt black color onto the carpaint black of the car?
i have tried different approaches and nothing worked ,i've also tried to get some dirt and mainly dust on the car that olso didn't work out as i hoped.
im using blender 2.45/ 2.48a
If your still having problems making the one shader shiney and matte at the same time, try using a specular map. It is a grey scale image that controls how shiney everything, under Maya white = shiney black = matte. If you have a look at my LCA the vinyl roof is near black and the windows a pure white. For the spec map to work you gotta UV your model.
Or simply make the matte polygons a different material..
Remove the specular from the rocks and let bumpmaps do the trick for you :)

Looking good btw, and I really like your scene on that road you posted in the final renders 8)