LCA Contest: Mercedes-Benz 280SE Convertible (1969) from Bridget Jones's Diary

After watching (for I don't know how many times :)) this movie I've decided to make this beutiful Mercedes driven there by Daniel Cleaver (played by Hugh Grant).

This one will be my first project based almost only on reference photos, because blueprints of the 4 door saloon version are very poor.
This will be a high poly model with fully detailed interior.

I won't post renders this time during makin' it, cos' I'll have to make some new materials and I want to finish modelling it first, so I won't loose motivation for it. :)


other than the part between the hood and the top part of bumper, which is the only questionable part,
it looks like a great start :D

hoping for you to finish this one, would really like to see it xD
I wouldnt consider this as a famous movie car,but the modeling is good :)
tho...there are no strict rules about the car being famous ar's a meter of pointo of view i think...If U are huge Bridget Jones fan, this car will be famous for U :p
great job! smooth and detailed... i just love the tires, how much polies are they? crit tho... air intake (in front of the wind shield)... uper lip needs more volumen IMO and lower part needs to go in more... it looks like the grill in it, is floating in the air...
Thanks for all comments! :)

nosh_dir85 - I'll try to correct the area at the front of the hood, cos' I see now what is wrong. :)

andrijac - They are about 45k per tyre without turbosmooth, but after turning it on, it jumps up to about 700k per tyre. I hope that there won't be many problems with rendering final images. :) And I will try to correct this intake.

Today I made side skirt and some windows. I had to shorten the hood a little bit, because front window would have wrong and inaccurate shape. :)

Now I'll start modelling the shell of the rear part of the car.After I will finish that, I'll make some chrome trims above doors.


Hood is fixed.

I have also done some more details, so now all I have to do on the exterior is to model softtop at the back and make inside of the rear lights.

Then I'll start modelling interior and hopefully I'll be able to finish it before the deadline. :)


Thanks for all comments! :) I've fixed the grill so it is better now. :D

I have managed to finish the exterior. Tommorow I'll start modelling interior and then I'll have to make some bumpmaps for the lights. :)


very nice and clean modelled :) Keep it up and you're a serious candidate! I love the leather, looks very good. How about some wires of th whole car